Smart Warehouse, Smart Distribution
in Optical Industry in Turkey


Optical products are sold under the regulations of
Ministry of Health in Turkey. retail sales license for contact lenses have been granted to optical stores under the Law 5193 which came into force on June 26th 2004. Since then, contact lenses, which had restricted market- started to take well-deserved place at optical stores and became one of the key products of such stores.

Two partners, Erol Harbi and Turgay Coşkun, who have been in optical business since 1980s, founded OPAK LENS in 2004 by noticing such deficiencies in optical industry.


Head office located in Istanbul, Opak Lens renders services to all independent optician institutions in Turkey along with 48 branches and warehouses in 34 cities.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Opak Lens gives priority to holding the inventory of entire products that optical stores may need, and to applying the most appropriate prices, payment methods and shortest lead times.

The Largest Distributing Warehouse Network  
With The Widest Optical Products Variety In Turkey.

We Are At The Optical Stores' Service With Our 48 Branch-Warehouses in 34 Cities!

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Contact Lens and  Lens Care Products

Today, Opak Lens is the largest wholesaler of contact lens and lens solution suppliers in Turkey, such as Bausch&Lomb, Cihan Medical, Cooper Vision, Johnson&Johnson, VSY and Zeiss.

Specialized in contact lens distribution from 2004 to 2015, Opak Lens endeavored since day one to improve contact lens market –which was far behind other markets- and particularly to reach optical stores in Anatolian towns, to solidly promote contact lenses and to boost sales figures. A monthly average of 20 diverse campaigns are being managed in order to enhance contact lens sales of independent local optical stores.

Since the first day of its foundation Opak Lens has adopted a principle to improve contact lens market in Turkey, to draw the attention of the users that glasses and contact lenses are healthcare products, and to cooperate and assist in non-profit organizations for improvement of the studies made by Ministry of Health.

Optical Lenses

As of 2015 Opak Lens has also started to render optical lens services to local independent optical stores.

Aiming to fullfill the optical lens needs of independent local optical stores with its flexible and customized distribution approach, Opak Lens completed its optical lens product range  the by adding the customized lenses in 2017.

Possessing the widest optical distribution network and product range in Turkey, Opak Lens offers wide variety of CE certified products from stock lenses to RX monofocals and multifocals under its own patent brands GP Plus, Frequency, Biomedix, EyeArt and GP Ultra.

Having had signed an acquisition contract in 16 November 2018, Opak Lens made the acquisition of Akay Optik, which has been a well known RX laboratory in İzmir. Please click the address of www.opakay.com.tr to see all information about Opak Lens stock ophthalmic lenses and Akay Optik RX lenses which have been processed under  Opakay project name.

The second Opakay RX Laboratory was founded in 2019, October 10th in Antalya, which enables the optical stores in the district to supply RX lenses to foreign tourists in 12 hours. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the activity of this facility was temporarily suspended as tourism in the region was stagnating.

Smart Warehouse, Smart Distribution

Rendering service to 94% of 7400 optical stores allover Turkey, Opak Lens is able to apply same-day delivery to 75% thereof, and is even as fast as 15-minute delivery to 2052 optical stores.

All opticians are being visited regularly each and every month by 22-day periods and needs thereof are being analyzed. Distribution planning are made according to such analysis.

Only in contact lens field there are 36000 SKUs under 252 main product groups. Opak Lens holds vast amounts of inventory and employs solid sales and delivery teams, hence, features fast lead times thanks to customized and continuously-updated technologic infrastructure.

Customer Services department of the company has been restructured and improved by IP PBX and CRM investments in 2016. Receiving 170.000 calls per month, the department converts almost 50% of them to invoices.

Benefiting from fast action capabilities in such a high motion industry, Opak Lens has the organization to provide all optical products and services to the optical stores in the shortest periods of time.

Contributions to Optical Industry

Opak Lens holds seminars each year in different towns in order to share its 17-year of experience. In 2016 fifteen, in 2017 eleven cities and in 2018 eleven different cities hosted such seminars. Moreover, seminars are also being held at universities in order to inform opticians of the future.

The Internet Optical News Portal: Optik Gazete

Sister company’s publication, Optik Gazete, contributes to opticals industry by holding various events and projects and by assisting in local independent optical stores. By getting the highest internet traffic in optical industry in Turkey, www.optikgazete.com not only appeals to opticals industry but also to entire internet users by promotions related to eye care and vision and by cultural articles.