Optical stores were granted as the unique retail selling points of contact lenses  by «Law on Opticianry» with number 5193 in June.


Since then, contact lenses, which had a restricted market started to take well-deserved place at optical stores and became one of the key products of the optical industry.

Opak Lens is the biggest wholesaler of contact lens and lens solution suppliers in Turkey, such as Bausch&Lomb, Cihan Medical, Cooper Vision, Johnson&Johnson, VSY and Zeiss.

By supporting the local independent optical stores with its premium delivery service, Opak Lens empowers them to supply a faster delivery service to the users than the illegal online contact lens selling websites.



Rendering service to 94% of 7400 optical stores allover Turkey, Opak Lens is able to apply same-day delivery to 75% thereof, and is even as fast as 15-minute delivery to 2052 optical stores.

Only in contact lens field there are 36000 SKUs under 252 main product groups. Opak Lens holds vast amounts of inventory and employs solid sales and delivery teams, hence, features fast lead times thanks to customized and continuously-updated technologic infrastructure.

Customer Services department of the company has been restructured and improved by IP PBX and CRM investments in 2016. 

              OPTICAL LENSES

As of 2015 Opak Lens has also started to render optical lens services to local independent optical stores.

Aiming to fullfill the optical lens needs of independent local optical stores with its flexible and customized distribution approach, Opak Lens completed its optical lens product range by adding the customized lenses in 2017.

Possessing the widest optical distribution network and product range in Turkey, Opak Lens offers wide variety of CE certified products from stock lenses to RX monofocals and multifocals under its own patent brands GP Plus, Frequency, Biomedix, EyeArt and GP Ultra.

Opak Lens started local manufacturing of multifocal and monofocal optical lenses by signing an acquisition contract on 16 November 2018 with Akay Optik, which has been a well known RX Laboratory in Turkey, 

Opak Lens founded its second RX Laboratory in Antalya in 2019. However due to the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the activity of this facility was temporarily suspended as tourism in the region was stagnating.

Online Contact Lens Sales is Not Legal in Turkey!

Optical products are sold under the regulations of Ministry of Health in Turkey. 

Contact lenses are the medical devices directly contacting the cornea. 

«Law on Opticianry» with number 5193 was enforced in June 2004. It determines the principles and procedures on using the title of optician, practicing opticianry, establishment and operation of opticianry organizations in order to maintain health care of individuals and society. Opticians are solely allowed to sell protective eyeglasses, sunglasses, focused spectacles due to refractive powers written on prescriptions obtained from ophthalmology specialized doctors, as well as any kind of lenses, optical vision instruments and eyeglass frames.

  • In that context, online contact lens sales is not legal in Turkey.

  • There may be a serious eye health risk for the online contact lens buyers of purchasing fake and expired lenses since those web sites are not audited by Ministry of Health whereas optical stores are frequently audited.